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Rolling in Heather
...Beware Of Haggis...
My pressscioussss.... And, yay, babies! 
13th-Mar-2012 12:38 am
Mum gave me a grande yesterday. So the first thing I did with it? Bought myself the brand new computer I've been saving up for since last November. And never got the money for, what with christams, then 4 birthdays - gah.

5 to 9 days. I can barely stand to wait. Got to get my room all tidied up for it.

It is, with no shred of doubt, - at almost £1000 - the MOST EXPENSIVE THING I HAVE EVER BOUGHT!

What's the most expensive thing any of you guys - who randomly follow me for no discernable reason - have ever bought? (Seriously, wtf people, I'm not that interesting and I almost never post!)

AND! On an entirely different note... Our step-snake (my sister and her b/f cornsnake Keith Toothless) and our girl snakes (Morticia and Abbie) have been getting it on recently. So, in about 2 weeks, we shall have eggs! And in 2-3 months, we will have baby snakes! I can't wait! I wonder what colours the babies will be, as Morticia and Abbie are normal orange-red Carolina corns, and Keith is either a normal common brown-grey-black Kistachie corn snake or a less common Anerythristic?

We've got everything set up. An incubator to keep the eggs in at the right temperature. Wee boxes on the way to keep them in once they're hatched and old enough to start eating. Moss to keep the eggs damp but not wet. Other wee bits and peices.

It's been *years* since we managed to get eggs and hatch them, I can't wait! The babies are sooooo cuuuuute!
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