So far we have 6 from Abbie's clutch and 3?4? from Tish's. All we have seen are the heads.

All of Abbie's babies so far look really quite dark. All of Tish's so far are plain orange-brown.

If we are lucky, at least one of Abbie's eggs will hatch a snow corn.

On a secondary note, we now have a lovely male white and yellow-peach snow. He's four years old and his name is Gomez. He will be Morticia's mate for future clutches. Their future babies will be named Wednesday and Pugsley.

My pressscioussss.... And, yay, babies!

Mum gave me a grande yesterday. So the first thing I did with it? Bought myself the brand new computer I've been saving up for since last November. And never got the money for, what with christams, then 4 birthdays - gah.

5 to 9 days. I can barely stand to wait. Got to get my room all tidied up for it.

It is, with no shred of doubt, - at almost £1000 - the MOST EXPENSIVE THING I HAVE EVER BOUGHT!

What's the most expensive thing any of you guys - who randomly follow me for no discernable reason - have ever bought? (Seriously, wtf people, I'm not that interesting and I almost never post!)

AND! On an entirely different note... Our step-snake (my sister and her b/f cornsnake Keith Toothless) and our girl snakes (Morticia and Abbie) have been getting it on recently. So, in about 2 weeks, we shall have eggs! And in 2-3 months, we will have baby snakes! I can't wait! I wonder what colours the babies will be, as Morticia and Abbie are normal orange-red Carolina corns, and Keith is either a normal common brown-grey-black Kistachie corn snake or a less common Anerythristic?

We've got everything set up. An incubator to keep the eggs in at the right temperature. Wee boxes on the way to keep them in once they're hatched and old enough to start eating. Moss to keep the eggs damp but not wet. Other wee bits and peices.

It's been *years* since we managed to get eggs and hatch them, I can't wait! The babies are sooooo cuuuuute!

Dentists Are EVIL

So, had the first of 3 dental appointments today.

Off to the hospital, yay.

Where they proceded to stab me three times before getting a vein that was swollen enough to handle the IV insertion. Watched when they took it out, it was *massive*. A good 3 inches at least! That was in my hand?! No wonder it hurt like hell! (Strangely, when they tried my elbow, I didn't feel a thing.)

Once I was fuzzed out on the sedatives they stabbed me some more, this time in the mouth.

And then came the fun parts! The tooth extractions! The first was easy, in with the pliers, wiggle about, and POP! The second was harder, being a shattered wisdom tooth. I swear they cut it away with a circular saw... It certainly *sounded* like a saw!

And from when they numbed up my face till I got all feeling back in my face? Eight hours. EIGHT. And there is still some lingering minor numbness in my right lower jaw. Was fun when I noticed I had no feeling in the left of my face, all the way up to my eyeball, including the left side of my nose.

The bleeding has stopped, though, which is cool. And it's a salt-water rinse tomorrow, and that's me until the appointment next month, where Tooth 3 comes out. After that it's all fillings and reconstructure.

I love you, sedatives. You pushed me from the verge of an outright panic attack to the level of minorly afraid.

Had a lovely several hour long nap when I got home, until I got woken by a relative popping in looking for something... a bag, I think.

I'm just gonna go slump away in a half doze again. Lucozade, you ain't doing your job of giving me more energy!

I love you. I love you sooooo much.

My microwave rice steamer/cooker thingy arrived today. I got some chicken, and a bunch of spices.

Now to dredge up the energy to actually stand about and cook. Maybe later for supper.

I hope it tastes yummy... I've never made my own rice before!

I'm gonna make enough rice for 2, because I'm gonna take some into work for lunch tomorrow. Roast chicken, and some Turmeric-paprika-ginger-flavoured steamed onigiri. Mmm. Sushi rice.

...Note To Self - Put the rice in the top part of the steamer next time, dumbass!

I keel you. I swear to God, I will *KEEL* you!

Dear Birds,

I am totally at my limit and about to go on a viscious unrepentant full-scale aviary slaughter.

I know you adore nesting in the air vent between my bedroom and outide. I know you think it's brilliant - you nest there every year.

But you keep waking me up. AT FIVE IN THE FUCKING MORNING! FIVE! FIVE AM! With your bloody chirping and scrabbling about.

I WILL KEEL YOU! I will hunt each and every one of you filthy flea-ridden diseased flying *pests* and wipe you from the face of the Earth. I swear to god I will.

One more *fucking* time and I. Will. End. You.

The Girl On The Other Side Of The Grate

Birthdays, Computers and Borgias

Okay, so, today is my birthday. Yay! Twenty-five, god I'm old. I'm going to feel even older in *counts* three more years, when my baby brother hits twenty. (Oh god, what happened to that adorable short baby-faced little boy? he has been kidnapped and replaced with this aweful tall skinny bearded zombie-halo-gamer?!)

I gots me some awesome loot. An outfit for a ball-jointed-doll I'm getting in the future (it's so *tiny* and *cute*). The book "The kobold Wizard's Dildo of Enlightenment +2", a fantasy based on the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop game. (Yes, I proudly admit to being a D&Der, DnD rules!) And, £100 from various sources.

I only need to save up £700 more for that gaming computer I want. My laptop is seriously starting to feel the strain of Sims 3 and Dragon Age - what with all the mods I have for them! Can't play without the mods, that would be boooooring.

Also, have discovered the new tv series, The Borgias. Medieval Pope assassins. I have seen the first ep so far, and as far as I can tell it is absolutely rife with some serious incestuous subtext between the Borgias eldest son and his sister, and some serious serious violent gay between eldest Borgias son and his pet assassin. ("Hit me harder, Master!" says it all, really.)

Have googled the series so I can watch the rest of the episodes out (3 so far, 4th is out tomorrow/17th). I'm going to continue watching, it's been quite interesting so far - with the incest, the gay, the poisonings, and vicious murders. Pity about the adorable little monkey, though. It was sooo cute!

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Dear Self,

Why do you insist, while watching Bones, on making food in such a way that it is ready to eat *just* when it get's to a really gross part?

Not. Pleased.

Bit queasy now.
~ Appetite


As the days count down to the 14th, I find myself getting more and more excited.

Because, on the 14th next week, I'm seeing Dara O'Briain LIVE at the Edinburgh Playhouse! *squeeeee*

I hope I can get his autograph! He's my most favourite comedian ever.

I'M SO EXCITED!!! *squeeee!!!*


So, just got back from my hols in england with my sister. Oh. My. God. The heat was awful. Despite the fact it was only about 20-odd degrees celsius, I live in norther Scotland, my normal outside temp is about 7-10 celsius.

But, desopite the head, I did have a decent time. I got a new top, and some new dvd's (happy tree friends, eeee!) and also bought myself a bright blue psp 3000 with Little Big Planet and Gran Turismo, and got Lemmings as well. (Because who doesn't like blowing them up?)

And yesterday we went to Alton Towers (furthest away from home I have ever been) and of course, it poured. My other sister (not the one I was visiting) almost got me to go on the Sonic Spinball rollercoaster in the late afternoon, but the lines were major long by then so we just went home. I wish I had stayed to watch the pirate show, the acting was so bad it was good.

And then after Alton Towers I forced myself to stay up, because I had the bus home to catch at 3am. I only got home an hour ago. My sister and her b/f drove me to the bus/train interchange at 1.30, we got there at 2.15. They waited with me until the bus came at 2.45. Then I spent 9 and a half hours on the bus, getting off at 12.10. I had an hour and a half to wander about before my train left at 2pm, and then it was 5.45 before I got into my hometown, and about 6-ish when I got home. Ugh, that's what, 13-14 hours of trvelling by bus then train. God I'm tired.