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Rolling in Heather
...Beware Of Haggis...
24th-Aug-2010 07:25 pm
So, just got back from my hols in england with my sister. Oh. My. God. The heat was awful. Despite the fact it was only about 20-odd degrees celsius, I live in norther Scotland, my normal outside temp is about 7-10 celsius.

But, desopite the head, I did have a decent time. I got a new top, and some new dvd's (happy tree friends, eeee!) and also bought myself a bright blue psp 3000 with Little Big Planet and Gran Turismo, and got Lemmings as well. (Because who doesn't like blowing them up?)

And yesterday we went to Alton Towers (furthest away from home I have ever been) and of course, it poured. My other sister (not the one I was visiting) almost got me to go on the Sonic Spinball rollercoaster in the late afternoon, but the lines were major long by then so we just went home. I wish I had stayed to watch the pirate show, the acting was so bad it was good.

And then after Alton Towers I forced myself to stay up, because I had the bus home to catch at 3am. I only got home an hour ago. My sister and her b/f drove me to the bus/train interchange at 1.30, we got there at 2.15. They waited with me until the bus came at 2.45. Then I spent 9 and a half hours on the bus, getting off at 12.10. I had an hour and a half to wander about before my train left at 2pm, and then it was 5.45 before I got into my hometown, and about 6-ish when I got home. Ugh, that's what, 13-14 hours of trvelling by bus then train. God I'm tired.
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