escagirluk (escagirluk) wrote,

Birthdays, Computers and Borgias

Okay, so, today is my birthday. Yay! Twenty-five, god I'm old. I'm going to feel even older in *counts* three more years, when my baby brother hits twenty. (Oh god, what happened to that adorable short baby-faced little boy? he has been kidnapped and replaced with this aweful tall skinny bearded zombie-halo-gamer?!)

I gots me some awesome loot. An outfit for a ball-jointed-doll I'm getting in the future (it's so *tiny* and *cute*). The book "The kobold Wizard's Dildo of Enlightenment +2", a fantasy based on the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop game. (Yes, I proudly admit to being a D&Der, DnD rules!) And, £100 from various sources.

I only need to save up £700 more for that gaming computer I want. My laptop is seriously starting to feel the strain of Sims 3 and Dragon Age - what with all the mods I have for them! Can't play without the mods, that would be boooooring.

Also, have discovered the new tv series, The Borgias. Medieval Pope assassins. I have seen the first ep so far, and as far as I can tell it is absolutely rife with some serious incestuous subtext between the Borgias eldest son and his sister, and some serious serious violent gay between eldest Borgias son and his pet assassin. ("Hit me harder, Master!" says it all, really.)

Have googled the series so I can watch the rest of the episodes out (3 so far, 4th is out tomorrow/17th). I'm going to continue watching, it's been quite interesting so far - with the incest, the gay, the poisonings, and vicious murders. Pity about the adorable little monkey, though. It was sooo cute!
Tags: birthday, borgias, computer

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