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I keel you. I swear to God, I will *KEEL* you!

Dear Birds,

I am totally at my limit and about to go on a viscious unrepentant full-scale aviary slaughter.

I know you adore nesting in the air vent between my bedroom and outide. I know you think it's brilliant - you nest there every year.

But you keep waking me up. AT FIVE IN THE FUCKING MORNING! FIVE! FIVE AM! With your bloody chirping and scrabbling about.

I WILL KEEL YOU! I will hunt each and every one of you filthy flea-ridden diseased flying *pests* and wipe you from the face of the Earth. I swear to god I will.

One more *fucking* time and I. Will. End. You.

The Girl On The Other Side Of The Grate
Tags: aviary slaughter, birds

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