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Rolling in Heather
...Beware Of Haggis...
Dentists Are EVIL 
20th-Sep-2011 08:26 pm
So, had the first of 3 dental appointments today.

Off to the hospital, yay.

Where they proceded to stab me three times before getting a vein that was swollen enough to handle the IV insertion. Watched when they took it out, it was *massive*. A good 3 inches at least! That was in my hand?! No wonder it hurt like hell! (Strangely, when they tried my elbow, I didn't feel a thing.)

Once I was fuzzed out on the sedatives they stabbed me some more, this time in the mouth.

And then came the fun parts! The tooth extractions! The first was easy, in with the pliers, wiggle about, and POP! The second was harder, being a shattered wisdom tooth. I swear they cut it away with a circular saw... It certainly *sounded* like a saw!

And from when they numbed up my face till I got all feeling back in my face? Eight hours. EIGHT. And there is still some lingering minor numbness in my right lower jaw. Was fun when I noticed I had no feeling in the left of my face, all the way up to my eyeball, including the left side of my nose.

The bleeding has stopped, though, which is cool. And it's a salt-water rinse tomorrow, and that's me until the appointment next month, where Tooth 3 comes out. After that it's all fillings and reconstructure.

I love you, sedatives. You pushed me from the verge of an outright panic attack to the level of minorly afraid.

Had a lovely several hour long nap when I got home, until I got woken by a relative popping in looking for something... a bag, I think.

I'm just gonna go slump away in a half doze again. Lucozade, you ain't doing your job of giving me more energy!
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