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Random Fic Prompts for Adoption

Should say, random kink fic prompts for adoption. Because I know I'll probably never get the muse up to write them myself.

LJ-Cut because totally Not Safe For Work.

Eyeshield 21 - Jyuumonji/Sena

Set when Hiruma is in his third year and no longer captain. Jyuu/Sena is an established couple. Sena is now captain of the team.

Sena is holding a gun/knife and being fucking scary-badass while doing so, in traditional Devil Bat captain style. (He's totally been taking intimidation lessons from Hiruma.) Why change training methods you know work, right?

Jyuumonji finds scary!Sena rediculously arouding and totally molests him in the clubhouse after practice. Frantic blowjobs, finger fucking, and down-right dirty wall-banging bed-breaking wild animal fucking ensues.

Because scary!Sena is totally a kink all on it's own.

Transformers, Bee/Sam, Foot Fetish

Totally posted this on the Transformers kink!meme. But just in case.

Bee has a fetish for feet.

More importantly, a fetish for *Sam's* feet.

Sam, who is in love with oblivious/in-denial!Bee (totally doesn't beleive Sam reciprocates his feelings, pheromone sensors saying otherwise be damned), notices.

And decides to tease Bee by "innocently" doing things with/to/involving his feet, until Bee breaks down and ravishes him.

When it gets to the smex? Totally sticky. Sticky galore.

I'd also like to see a variety of ways Sam uses his feet to tease Bee.

Bonus for
1)Sam sitting in Bee barefoot, and Bee trying not to fall apart with lust.
2)Sam giving Bee a footjob. (Gearstick in car mode?) Can be during/after Bee breaks down, or an "accident"(Sam knows what he's doing, Bee thinks he doesn't) as part of Sam's teasing.

One anon from the kink!meme suggested this scene. And, unf, totally want, will love you forevers - Bee, holding Sam's bare feet, soles together, around his spike, and stimulating his spike that way. And then...all the cum on Sam!

Pokemon, Gold-Ethan/Silver, Fluff/Meet the Family/Proposal

Background Info - Giovanni is Silver's dad (as the games say). But he is also Ash Ketchum's dad (I understand Giovanni and Delia were college/uni sweethearts? Plus, has always been my head-canon.) Silver's name is totally Sylvester. Continues the Italian thing Giovanna has going on, and works with Silver as a nickname.

Gold/Ethan and Silver have been dating for a while. Gold wants to ask Silver to marry him, but wants the approval of Silver's family.

Ash isn't too impressed by Gold. (Totally an over-protective big brother.)

Final Fantasy 7, Zack/Cloud, Time Travel

I've read fics where Cloud goes back in time and takes over the body of his younger self.
I've read one where Zack does this.
I've never read one where Zack and Cloud go back in time.

Zack and Cloud timetravel into the bodies of their younger selves, in order to stop Genesis and Angeal degrading and defecting, and Seph from going nuts and trying to kill everything.

So, Zack is slightly twitchy (being dead for so long, and in the lifestream, he had plenty of time to deal with the trauma of Crisis Core and what Hojo did to him).

Cloud is kind of pretty fucked up. He's been madly in love with Sephiroth and Zack for practically forever. He had to kill Sephiroth, spent several years as an experiment being tortured into a brain-dead coma, watched Zack die in front of him while he couldn't help, had several identity crises, and then had to kill Sephiroth again. Twice. He's all sorts of mentally fragile and unsound.

Want standard Zack hijinks, with Zack being sort of over-protective and alpha-male over Cloud. Also comforting him when he has flashbacks, etc.

Would also like it to end Seph/Zack/Cloud.

Really, just want Zack and a Zack-influenced!Cloud (so really, just normal emo Cloud, right?) traipsing about causing all sorts of hijinks and havoc while trying to fix the timeline so the world doesn't get fucked up.

Because, how can there not be hijinks involved when Zack is, right?
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