Mouth Ulcers and The Evil That Is Bonjela

So, I have a mouth ulcer. I've spent the last several weeks in agony because I thought my wisdom teeth were growing and putting preasure on my other teeth, or because I'd sliced my gum open with a sharp bit of food.

No. It's a mouth ulcer.

Oh. My. GOD. Bonjela is *dusgusting*. Beyond disgusting. *Satan* probably uses it as a form of torture, it is such a nasty taste. It's like somebody bred mint with a ten-week-old animal corpse, and crushed up the resulting offspring into a clear gel and squished it into a small tube.

Yeah, the ulcer is no longer giving me extreme agony - or any agony at all - the swelling is even started to go down.

But it's started going all yucky looking like one of those nasty yellow-headed spots - but *in* *your* *mouth*.

The worst of it all is deffinately the taste. I spend ages after using the stuff feeling like I'm going to vomit from how bad it is. And apparently the only other flavour they do? It tastes worse.

I *despise* mint flavour. Utterly and completely *obhorr* it.
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So. Cornsnakes.

So, I get home last night. It's about midnight-half-past-midnight. I go into the living room to say hi to my mum, and notice a shed skin in the snake tank. That's aweful strange, I thought, as it was far to big to belong to Abi, and Morticia and Drake had shed recently. Mum investigated while I went to the bathroom.

I got back to find out that mum had discovered a clutch of 20-odd snake eggs in the snake tank, inside their snake hideaway cave. They've been there for about a week, since the shedding is deff Morticia's, and corn snakes shed a week before and a week after laying eggs.

Also, it looks like Abi is pregnant as well, as she's kinda bumpy looking herself, and she's the right age for breeding.

So. Yay. By the end of the month we should have upwards of about 30-40 eggs, and by the end of June we'll most likely have 20-odd new-hatched babies.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY SISTER (not that you'll see it, since you don't use lj)

My youngest sister turned 18 today. Now all that's left to turn 18, is my baby brother, and he's turning 16 in a month and a half.

God, it makes me feel ancient at 23-almost-24.

My head is killing me, so I'm gonna go track down some water so I don't end up going to work with a hangover first thing tomorrow morning.

God. Eighteen. Where the hell did the years go?

Ugh, kill me now.

I am quite quite sick.

I have the flu. Mass amounts of snot exploding from my nose every time I sneeze or blow my nose, or even just *breathe*. A headache to rival all headaches (but, thankfully, not in the Migraine level of pain). Phlegm every time I cough. Crackly ears every time I swallow. A throat infection. And a temperature of god-knows-what, since we don't have a thermometer.

And I get to spend the days drugged halfway up my eyeballs in paracetamol and amoxicillin. Yay.

I can't even go to work, because I work at an elderly care home. I go in with the flu and god knows, half the old fogies there will get it and die.

I wouldn't mind so much if it weren't the bloody school holidays so the house is full of my sisters and brothers friends.
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Dungeons and Dragons

My oldest little sister is now my official fav sister.

She bought me the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Gift Set!

And! She and my brother actually want to *play* it with me! (And my youngest little sister says she *might* play, if she can, but she's busy with the yearbook committee and their little Christmas prom thing is coming up soon, too.)

My siblings ROCK!

*goes back to squeeing over her future books and map tiles and dnd minis*