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16 April 1986
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I'm a 29 year old agender asexual. I like anime and manga. And I prefer yaoi/shonen ai included in my anime and manga. I read and write homosexual and lgbt stories and books.

My favourite genre is fantasy. I do love it so. I don't mind sci-fi either. OMG, Star Trek and Transformers... WHY IS THERE NOT A CROSSOVER FANFIC OF THIS YET?! 2009 and 2007/2009 verses respectively of course. Not that I have anything against the older stuff, it's just that those got me back into the fandoms.

I do read non-lgbt literature and watch non-lgbt movies, though that's more to do with the fact that there's no good gay books or movies in the genres that I like (with a few exceptions, which I will be buying eventually).

I'm the eldest of four. I have innumerable cousins and aunts and uncles, most of whom I've never met or heard about.

I love cats, they're so cool and soft and fluffy; especially when they're kittens. And I like snakes, cause they're total awesomes. We can't have cats unfortunately, (asthma and fur allergies for those that are Not Me) but we do have 3 72 corn snakes, with the eldest being the parents Morticia, Gomez and Abby.

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